Massage Therapy in Roswell GA

As you sit and look at this page on your smartphone, tablet or computer can you feel a crick in your neck? Do you feel fatigued? Does your back feel stiff, or your legs and arms feel strained? Do your muscles ache or are you feeling stressed and tense? If so, then you have come to the right place.

We have more than a decade of experience helping the people of Roswell relieve muscle pain and de-stress, as they forget the outside world for a little while in our tranquil atmosphere.

Types of Massage Therapies We Offer the People of Roswell

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is designed to go beneath the surface tissues and first layer of muscle to reach underlying issues. The therapy starts off with light pressure to relax the surface muscles and make them pliable. Afterwards the therapist moves deeper to eliminate blockages in the muscle fibers which can occur after an accident or can slowly build up overtime. This is an excellent choice for those in Roswell suffering from chronic muscle pain or old injuries.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a relaxing and therapeutic system of massage that relies on smooth sweeping strokes to put you at ease. Swedish massage manipulates the muscles with light, moderate and deep pressure to relieve stress and pain. Our skilled therapists focus on removing muscle knots and tension to increase blood flow, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Wellness Massage

This type of massage therapy is our specialty. In essence, wellness massage is a customized therapy designed for the particular individual at that particular moment in time. But isn’t all massage customized to the client? you may wonder. You are not wrong in that our massage therapists communicate with our Roswell clients and use their professional experience to ensure that they receive a treatment that is in line with their needs. However, the difference is that our wellness massage integrates both Swedish and deep tissue massage to focus on particular issues. For example, an old injury combined with weekly desk work can build up a variety of muscle problems. We then tailor a treatment designed to prepare you for the week ahead while also directing attention to the older issues which lead to the initial discomfort.

Prenatal massage

As the name suggests, these techniques are specifically designed to help expecting mothers. Pregnancy puts a number of different strains on your body. There is of course the lower and upper back pain from the increasing weight of your growing belly, but there is also a great deal of tension felt in your shoulders, hips, legs and feet. Our therapists work with the common muscle groups that are associated with prenatal muscle pain to both relieve pain and also improve blood flow to the fetus. The massage techniques used are soothing and meant to help muscles stretch without weakening the important structural stability needed for proper mobility while pregnant. Of course, we also listen carefully to our clients to find out where their specific problems are, so we can help improve their comfort.