Roswell Wellness Massage

Our most popular massage by far, Zenergize Wellness Spa massage therapists use their years of experience in massage to determine what modality to use depending on your needs that particular day.

All of our therapists have years of experience and they know their way around the musculature of the human body. They know when to use deep tissue on those muscle groups that are tight, and when a light touch may be the best course of action.

Swedish massage techniques are those that are loose and languorous, utilizing neuro-muscular techniques for knots, and stretching to relieve tightness. Excellent for both relaxation and therapeutic massage, it is a wonderful way for you to feel better and more relaxed.

When to Consider a Wellness Massage

Perfect for either relaxation or therapeutic massage, conditions include the desire or need for massage, the availability of time, and an open spot on our schedule.

This is a great way to prepare you for another hard week at work, get relaxed and ready for the weekend, or get rid of those bothersome cricks resulting from dashing through airports or sitting too long, hunched over a computer at work.

Benefits of this Massage Technique include:

  • Relaxation and release of tension and tightened muscles in affected areas
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved posture, digestion, and physical performance

Tailor-Made Massage Treatment Plans

The definition of our Wellness Massage is that each one IS tailor-made to you. And it will be different every time, depending upon what you tell your therapist you’d like them to concentrate on.

The Wellness Massage offers a unique experience for each client each time, which varies depending upon their need. Zenergize Wellness Spa practitioners work closely with you to establish an effective treatment plan focused on your specific problem areas that particular day.

You will feel Wonderful!

After your Wellness Massage, you will come out feeling better, often better than better -- just wonderful! For those working to relieve chronic pain or other issues, the Wellness massage will help address it. Repeated sessions are recommended as a way to address recurring needs: chronic issues, stress from work, or recovery from sports or mishaps.

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