Sandy Springs Deep Tissue Massage

Sandy Springs Deep Tissue Massage

Zenergize Wellness Spa massage therapists perform deep tissue massage by concentrating on the deeper layers of the body’s soft tissue to release persistent pain and tension patterns. Slow and methodical strokes are applied to the top layers of affected areas in order to penetrate to deeper muscle layers, and achieve lasting relief from chronic pain for our clients.

When to Consider a Deep Tissue Treatment

Conditions that require deep tissue massage often derive from work-related posture problems, sports injuries, or problems that have developed from ongoing stress and tension, resulting in persistent muscle pain that commonly occurs in the neck, lower back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Benefits of this Massage Technique include:

  • Release of tension and tightened muscles in affected areas
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved posture and physical performance

Tailor-Made Massage Treatment Plans

Deep Tissue Massage can be used in conjunction with other techniques offered by Zenergize Wellness Spa therapists to help you live your best life. Our licensed practitioners work closely with clients to establish an effective treatment plan focused on specific problem areas.

A Good Kind of Pain

During a session of deep tissue massage, your therapist will sometimes need to get deeper into knots, which are known as myofascial trigger points. Sometimes you may experience a level of tenderness that can be termed a “feel good” type of discomfort. This sensation signifies the initial and natural untightening of a muscle or muscle group that lets you know you’re benefiting from myofascial release.

Trigger points can refer pain to all different parts of the body. You may think you just have a headache, but a problem in your sacral area may actually be the cause. Zenergize Wellness Spa massage therapists always remain aware of your comfort during treatment, but it is up to you to alert them if you feel you are not up for as deep a release as they would like to provide you.

They know that some days you cannot handle as much therapy, and will back off to just the right amount of pressure to ensure your optimal outcome. With regular massage, you will find that your body lets go sooner and more freely, especially as you build a rapport with your therapist.

At Zenergize our therapists complete a set of notes after each session with you, indicating on drawings of the body where your problem areas were that particular day. These are a value-added feature of receiving massage at a boutique spa like Zenergize, in contrast to the national chains, where you may not often get the same therapist as before, and you have to start over every time you come.

Our therapists’ notes are a reminder to themselves, and help each member of our dedicated team to deliver you the best possible outcome from each and every massage.

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